Happy Birthday Hinocchi!!!

Today is August 4th! Which means it's Hinocchi's birthday! Time to say: Happy birthday Hinocchi!!! ^o^/

In the last few years, Hinocchi's life has constantly been changing. Changes that are good, changes that make him whole as a person. The latest change, is that he recently became a father =3

So in his 38th birthday, I'd like to wish him good health, much luck, and plenty of love. May his days sail smoothly, be it professionally, as well as as husband and father, but most especially as a person. May he be showered with constant blessing!

As usual, I've prepared goodies to celebrate this joyous occasion. Since I hadn't posted much of him in the last year, somehow his goodies have accumulated, haha. So prepare to be spammed! xD And of course, you're welcome to post goodies and celebrate with us! ^o^

Hinocchi has become a father!!!

Minna! great news! Just days before his 38th birthday, Hinocchi announced on Meimon Outlaw Gakuen radio (broadcast July 31st midnight) that he has become a father to a healthy baby boy!!! Congratulations!!! <333

He had not mentioned when exactly the baby was born, but my guess is a little earlier this year, cos I follow Saki-chan's Twitter acc and her tweets have been vague since around mid last year (that she's been visiting the hospital several times, that she hasn't been drinking alcohol, that she's been high on sweets, that she's been having mood swings... such things), and she's been looking chubbier in her pix. Not to mention wearing loose outfits. Basically things that hint a pregnancy going on ne =3

But all in all, I'm super happy for them! I'm sure they'll be great parents, and hopefully this baby will grown healthy and become a great person! ^o^

Waaahhh... I'm so happy that I feel like crying T3T
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Seiyuu Digest #11 Satoshi Hino (from handthatfeeds)

There are all kinds of seiyuu in Japan, the high pitched, the cutesy, the rough, the smooth, the sexy, the creepy, the adorable ones and the list goes on and on. This seiyuu is known not only for his deep, rough voice but as well for his smooth, sexy and funny sides, of course we’re talking about the roughly sexy good guy Hino Satoshi.
<lj-cut text="Life and career">

Satoshi Robert Hino (commonly known as Satoshi Hino) was born on August 4, 1978 in San Francisco, California, and is one of the most influential and versatile seiyuu in Japan. He’s currently affiliated with Axl-One, talent agency owned by seiyuu Toshiyuki Morikawa.

He’s often casted, due to his low voice, as antagonists, disturbed characters, or happy-go-lucky guys (this, of course, with his slightly high pitched voice).

Satoshi made his debut as a seiyuu back in 2000, under talent agency Baobab.Satoshi once stated that his first interest was stage acting not voice acting, but his casting to dub ER was what made him shift his focus to voice acting.

He was faced with a rough start to his career. He didn’t get any roles and hardly got noticed by other seiyuu fans. That really showed that the seiyuu entertainment business is more than incredibly competitive. Although this slow paced debut was set in motion, Satoshi didn’t even knew that, in a few years, he’d become one of the most interesting and complete seiyuu in the business.

2001 started off slow but it gotSatoshi’s first opportunity to shine with a role in the critically acclaimed videogame “Shadow Hearts” as Halley Brancket. That was a pivotal role for a rookie seiyuu, puttingSatoshi’s name in the minds of a lot of people due to his rage induced performance, with some funny moments in the mix.

2002 gave him his first role in a major hit anime. In “NarutoSatoshi played a side character but little did he know that it would be that same anime, years after, to give him one of the secondary characters that most people love (to hate). But things were a little bit slow even with that role. For those seiyuu that debuted in 2000/2001 and 2001/2002, the competition was more than fierce. Names like Jun Fukuyama and Daisuke Ono debuted around that time and things regarding the battle between rookies for roles had just began to get harder.

2003 was the year that really set a trend for Satoshi – to be featured in ecchi anime. His credits in this genre of anime really blow away almost everyone’s records. If it wasecchi, it had to have Satoshi playing a character on it. Ikki Tousen was the first of many ecchi/harem anime where he’s had credits.

That trend kind of set Satoshi’s career to higher ground. It was giving the necessary exposure and his performances were getting better by the day.

It wasn’t until 2005 that he would get his first main role. Shakugan no Shana is considered to be one of the best anime of the 2005/2006 season and the one to catapult Satoshi’s status in the seiyuu business. His work behind the main character’s personality, his deliverance to the role earned him praise from his peers and seiyuu fans alike.

2006 was a busy year. With another main role alongside female seiyuu Rie Kugimiya, in Zero no tsukaima, Satoshi more than established himself as a rising talent in the seiyuu business. Zero no tsukaima was so successful that it spawned three seasons.

2008/2008 can be said as the period when Satoshi was brought to the “mainstream” anime. First he was casted in “Nabari no Ou” and then was casted in the dark fantasy anime “Kuroshitsuji” as Ash Landers, an original character. At that time, the decision kind of stroke a nerve in the fans of the manga created by Yana Toboso. Still, his performance of the calm, quiet and subsequently insane butler, made an impression in most fans. Satoshi once again proved that his talents shouldn’t be underestimated.

In the following years, Satoshi earned massive recognition from most seiyuu fans with his main roles in Bakuman as Akito Takagi, Amnesia as Toma, Hakkenden: Tōhō Hakken Ibun as Sousuke Inukawa.

But his secondary roles seem to even have more power and recognition that his main roles: his performance as Kamui in Gintama is still one of the fans’ favorites, his roles in Otome Yōkai Zakuro as Riken Yoshinokazura, Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru as Senshiro Furuori, his hilarious performances in Working’!! as Kirio Yamada, in Naruto as Sai and as Tomoda in Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, the powerful performance in the Code Geass: Akito the Exiled movies as Ryou Sayama, the broken, apparently calm performance as Noiz in 2014’s anime Dramatical Murder also made his character one of the fans’ favorites.

On the other side his performances in Log Horizon, Yowamushi Pedal and Haikyū!!feature Satoshi portraying a type of characters not that far from his personality – those gentle, caring but equally though characters. And in La Corda d’Oro Blue Sky,Satoshi once again portrayed that cool and cold type of character with Myouga Reiji.

If we objectively analyze his characters we know that we find a common denominator in them: either Satoshi gets casted to play those deep voiced, cool types or he’s up for some hilarious performances with his happy-go-lucky characters – exhibit A – Kirio Yamada in Working’!!

With a vocal range as powerful as he has, Satoshi has been able to give life to completely different characters and that isn’t exclusive to dubbing anime. He’s also been incredibly active in dubbing live action shows. He voices Oliver Queen in the Japanese dub of Arrow, other series include Lost, 24, CSI, just to name a few.

He’s also done quite some narration work for TV and radio commercials and worked in a wide array of drama CD’s.

Satoshi has been part of a number of Otome games. Amnesia series, Bloody Call, Starry☆Sky 〜After Spring〜 Portable, STORM LOVER 2nd, La Corda D’oro series, Bad Medicine and so on. He’s often casted to play either yandere type (Toma in Amnesia) or cool, cold characters (Myouga Reiji in La Corda D’oro games).
To add the great amount of otome games Satoshi also has a wide array of other genre of games under his belt. Naruto, LORD of VERMILION III, Yu-gi-oh ZEXAL andHaikkyu, just to name a few.

Since his debut in 2000, Satoshi has been a host and guest in a wide variety of radio shows: Miracle Train, Hino Satoshi vs Tachibana Shinnosuke Heisei Nippon – Kunitori gassen radio, Marine Super Wave Live R, Kuroshitsuji radio and even guested onNaruto’s radio show. At the moment Satoshi is hosting alongside Shinnosuke Tachibana their night time, slightly rated R, radio show “Hino Satoshi and Tachibana Shinnosuke Meimon Outlaw Gakuen”.

Although a fairly good singer, Satoshi never had a chance to pursue a solo career in the music business. Even so, when talking about his solo singing we have to mention the character songs he’s sang so far. For example, tracks like “Age of Aquarius” from Prince of Tennis and 絶望の挽歌 from La Corda D’oro, really seem to shine on their own way in the middle of all of the seiyuu character songs.

The power he gives to the tracks, the usage of his low tones, his ability to try to catch (successfully) the higher notes when needed, the control and precision in his tone, all of these and more are the reasons that make a lot of people love his singing.

If you want to get an idea of all the characteristics we referred before, check the video to get a gist of how hard is to sing 絶望の挽歌 (Elegy of Despair) from La Corda D’oro, and how well Satoshi delivers the song to the public.

Satoshi is also part of the j-pop/rock duo ELEKITER ROUND 0, alongside fellow seiyuu Shinnosuke Tachibana.

As part of the unit Satoshi has released seven mini-albums, been part of two live tours and performed for 5 times in Marine Super Wave Live.

He’s responsible for the lyrics for some of the duo’s songs such as: , Love Season,二つの雫-namida-, 月夜の仮面舞踏会~Masquerade~ and the most recent Conflict.
As part of otome game “Tokimeki Restaurant“, Satoshi voices Kento, automatically making Satoshi part of the virtual unit “X.I.P“, alongside Kousuke Toriumi and Takuya Eguchi. The unit is signed under Sony Entertainment and so far they have realeased the singles “E-Motion and CHEAT DANCER“, major hits among the fans. The mini-albums/maxi singles Naughty!!! and Alternative! followed. In X.I.P, Satoshi‘s vocals stay low and strong, the driving force in a group completely devoted into seducing everyone.

Satoshi Hino is an official member of the seiyuu group “Project Daba” created by star seiyuu Daisuke Ono. In the several events and games the group has done, Satoshihas proved to be one of the most logical and strategic members, as well as one of the members with more physical power.

Exhibit ADABA game “Cops Vs Robbers”

While all the members were constantly on the run in the “Cops vs Robbers” game back in 2009, Satoshi quietly hid behind the bushes and no-one managed to find him until the very end of the game. His plan consisted of staying alive for as long as possible and be there to save the ones who got caught, if needed.

Exhibit BDABA Horse Life Game

In what was a life size board game with people playing directly instead of pieces,DABA Horse Life game was the place where Satoshi showed his physical prowess.
Although having lost an arm wrestle match with Jun Fukuyama (the most athletic member of the group), Satoshi showed his strength in the Sumo matches against Junji Majima and Daisuke Ono – winning against them with judo moves.
When it came to the kendo matches, Satoshi exhibited his passion for the sport and also his first dan in kendo, having won in the 3 vs 3 game while scaring the opponents with his swift, aggressive and calculative moves.

Hino and Tachibana’s friendship is well known among seiyuu fans. Not only they are from the same talent agency, even going back to their Baobab days, but they even created a unit “ELEKITER ROUND 0”, and also have hosted several radio shows together. It’s also rumored that Satoshi was the one to tell Tachibana to not give up on voice acting (when he was on a critical phase in his career).

It’s also well known that Satoshi’s demeanor, besides the fact that he can intimidate with his rough voice or his sort of imposing body, he is incredibly caring and gentle. This was vouched by the cast of sports anime “Haikyū!!” back in 2014. Some of the cast remember him calling them before their recordings to ask if everything was alright or if anyone wanted a ride with him. Satoshi says that as he’s getting older, more and more people in the recording studios are now his juniors, instead of his seniors, so he feels like he has to be that good, helpful senior for them.

As one of the several US born seiyuu, one would expect that Satoshi himself would be fluent in the language. On the contrary. He came back from the US when he was little (around 5 years old) and in the kindergarten he was constantly being asked to say something in English. That constant demand made young Satoshi hate the English language and refuse altogether to try to learn it properly. Time passed, and Satoshihas said several times that he regrets that attitude as English would prove to be useful nowadays. Although not fluent in the language, his English pronunciation is not bad at all. On Eiken, the official English proficiency exam in Japan, Satoshi has attained grade 3 (A1).

As announced by Satoshi back in January 2015, he married fellow seiyuu Saki Nakajima. The couple had been dating for quite a few years and decided to tie the knot in late 2014.


Happy Birthday Hinocchi!!!

Alright! This is a little later than usual cos my connection died last night, but we're nevertheless at August 4th! Which means it's Hinocchi's 37th birthday!

His 36th year was probably a big turning point of his life, what with him having decided to settle down and start a new path as a married man. Professionally, it was a great one as well, since he landed some major roles, and his singing career was a smooth one too, especially with ER0's second concert held in 2 cities!

So, with such a great year behind, I wish him for his 37th birthday an even greater one, with tons of love, good health, joy, and luck. And hopefully we'll see a Hino Jr soon, hehe~ xD

As for the comm, as usual, I've prepared some goodies to celebrate this week. The first one will be posted later this evening. And of course, feel free to join the fun and let's have a merry birthday celebration! =D

Blog: 2015/01/11 (part 2)

Hello again! So we're still at Hinocchi's marriage news fever. To add to the excitement, few hours ago he wrote on his blog again, only this time, he's thanking everyone... =)


My tears...

Dear all,

I'm very, very happy to receive all your congratulatory messages...

I feel wrapped in such warm and gentle words of blessing, that I've felt like crying since today morning...

My small eyes... they are now swollen...

I'm very happy to have such wonderful fans who'd support me to this extent.

I feel greateful from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you very much!

Hino Satoshi


Hinocchiiiiii <333 Oh maann, even I feel emotional reading this message. All day I've read various reactions too, but so far, everyone does seem very supportive. I haven't read any bad comments, so I guess he really is lucky. They both are =)

Blog: 2015/01/11

Hello all!

I know I haven't translated Hinocchi's blog since forever, but since an urgent matter just came in, I typed a translation as quick and as accurate as I could, so that I'd be able to share it with you. And I hope you're ready to read it too. Take a deep breath before reading ^^


Marriage News

To everyone who has supported me until now,

This time, I have a personal matter to write about, and I hope you'd take your time to read it.

I, Hino Satoshi,

and narrator and seiyuu from Tokyo Actor's Consumer's Cooperative Society, Nakajima Saki-san, have gotten married.

Last year, both of us have consulted our agencies regarding this matter, and we've decided to announce our marriage through our blogs, as well as Outlaw Gakuen broadcast.

End of last year, I told the Outlaw Gakuen staff "I want to make this announcement through my voice" and asked them for this opportunity.

To everyone who has supported me until now, thank you very much.

Last year has gone in a dash, even before this matter came.

With the start of the new year, and as the ecstasy has subsided, once again I look at my life and a married life feels even more real.

I'd like to walk this life together with her, just like my mother and father, whom I look up to, have been doing.

Of course,

I, Hino Satoshi, as seiyuu,

from now on will continue working my earnest.

I will work hard everyday to deliver my lines and roles.

I realize I'm not perfect, but I'd greatly appreciate your support from here on too.

Please watch us both warmly.

I have nothing but gratitude towards all of you.

Thank you very much for taking your time in reading my announcement.

January 11th, 2015

Axl-One member

Hino Satoshi


I personally am shocked, and maybe a little numb from this announcement. To be honest, I was already sleeping when a friend texted me this announcement and I jumped from my bed to read the details ^^; It took me much longer than intended to type the translation, because my hands were trembling. You know, that feeling of excitement and overjoy and shock and all that together?

Some of you might probably have heard about them before, since they were rumored to be together around 2009? It was actually more than a rumor, since there were various pix of them together, even at other seiyuus' blogs. But since the hype died around 2010, I thought it remained a past. I didn't think they really stayed together until today to the point of getting married! This is seriously a big surprise!

But anyway, as a fan, I have nothing but happy thoughts for him. I'm truly happy that he's found his happiness at last. Here's to hoping for their long-lasting marriage =)

Hinocchi, kekkon omedetou gozaimasu! ^o^/

PS: You can read Nakajima Saki's blog entry here to get her side of the story =)
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Happy Birthday Hinocchi!!!

It's already August 4th in Japan as well as here in my place, which means it's Hinocchi's 36th birthday!!! Time for another celebration!!! ^o^

I wish him all the best in his career as well as personal life. Hopefully it will be a year filled with luck, love, happiness and good health. His 35th year of life had been pretty smooth, with many good works, and we've been able to hear and see him him a lot. So I hope this following year will be the same, if not better! =)

As usual, the next days in this comm will be dedicated to him. I've prepared some stuff to share in the next days, so look forward to them! And of course, you're very welcome to share and celebrate together too! =D
hino heart

Happy 35th, Hinocchi!


Wishing Hinocchi a very happy 35th birthday and all the best for yet another wonderful year in his life!  I hope this new year of his life will bring him even more happiness and good things than the last.  I'll also try to put together something to post for the celebration~ 

Happy Birthday Hinocchi!!!

It's already August 4th in Asian part of the world, with means it's Hinocchi's birthday!!! So without further ado,

Happy 35th Birthday Hinocchi!!!

Wishing him all the best in life; love, health, strength, success. Hopefully his star will keep on shining this year and for many more years and we'll be hearing him in lots of more good things <3

As usual, I've prepared some things to celebrate his bday. So look forward to be bombarded with some nice stuff for the next few days! And of course, you're most welcome to celebrate together too =)